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Mike_BLOO here,

graphic designer and

proud owner of

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So, I would like to explain my “free logo” concept to all 9gaggers


It started as a reaction to greatness of the_kebab_guy, not just to his free kebab idea, but because I saw the way he uses his sudden popularity – for good purposes only, for spreading love and good vibes.

So, I offered him a free logo and other free design help, and in that moment, my only motivation was to help the guy who helps others. If someone wanted to buy logo because of that post – great! But, it really wasn’t about advertising.


In the comments of that post, i offered free logo to all 9gaggers, but for non-commercial projects only, of course. I made 0 commercial sales as a result of that post. There was an interest for buying logo in comments, but no business deal was made.

2 guys asked me for free logo, and I helped them, and they were super-satisfied. It’s for their Youtube channels – not quite what I had in mind when I said “non-commercial projects”, but – it’s just two of them, so no problem, i created free logos for them.


Not so long after, I made this 9gag post. I wan’t lie to you – now, my motivation was to semi-advertise. The point was to make some good energy flow, help fellow 9gaggers, all in the spirit of the_kebab_guy atmosphere. But also, if someone would want to pay for a logo – I will not refuse to sell.

I just wanted to be a good guy.


Now, what result did I expect? Well, maybe few dozens of free logo requests, and maybe few sell requests. Boy, was I wrong.

As soon as overflow of post comments and my email inbox started, I realized I’m in trouble that I made myself – because I didn’t define well what does “non-commercial project” mean. Not so minor mistake.


So far, I have received over 1000 requests (and raising). More than 90% of that is free logo request for YT gaming channel, Twitch, Steam, and social media account avatars. The rest are various non-commercial projects and total number of real sell orders from companies (so far) is – 2.

Well, if someone thinks it’s all advertising scheme – that’s ok. But, one must notice that – if it is a scheme, it’s not so great or successful.


Since there is no way I make 1000+ logos, but I’m steel motivated to help 9gag community, let me explain how will this work in Q&A section below. Please, read it all, it’s important.


  • Yes it does. For Non-Commercial Projects only.
  • I can’t tell you the absolutely exact definition of it. It is important that it makes no money.
    Before everything else, non-commercial project (NCP) is NGO with some kind of humanitarian cause, like helping people, human rights defense, animal rights protection, environment activism and similar stuff. But any kind of NGO is ok, as long as it’s engagement is within legal and moral boundaries. Also, I consider a NCP any kind of non-formal group or personal project that promotes positive values, or its product is something rare, beautiful, amazing, etc.
    I must see it’s a project you’ve put effort and passion in. If those two components are missing, please don’t ask for my effort and misuse my passion.
  • NGO project that helps people develop their programming skills. Brand for girl that makes some fantastic body-paint art. Illustration for helmet of a moto-racer. Logo for music bands and art projects that make no money. Non-commercial events. Amazing miniature diorama modeler. Moto-gang devil scull illustration. And many other stuff like that. You get the idea.
  • I’m sorry, but that’s really not what I had in mind when I said “Non-Commercial Project”. Yes, In my first 9gag offer I did mention those 2 YT channels, and that’s my fault – I didn’t well-define what exactly do I offer. You can blame me for that, and I take the blame. I’m the one that made unnecessary confusion.
    Now, there’s large demand for this kind of free logos, and I just can’t respond to it. There’s just too many, and I have to draw a line somewhere. I’m Sorry.
    So, if you already sent or you intend to send this kind of free logo request, you must know – There are small chances I’ll make you a logo. Yes, some small number of these requests will be answered, so it’s like a lottery or alike. Please, try to understand me and don’t be mad if I never answer you.
  • If that’s your line of reasoning, it’s not up to me to reassure you. I’ve really made an effort to explain myself, and I accept my blame. I don’t see what more can I do, and I don’t feel need to argue. Initial idea is to spread the_kebab_guy good vibes, not to produce bad atmosphere.
    1. Introduce yourself – Who are you, what’s your name and 9gag nickname, where are you from,…
    2. Introduce your project – What it is about, why you don’t make money of it, and do you plan to make it commercial, send me important details about it, links and pictures/videos,…
    3. Ask for a free logo, and don’t expect me to follow all your design guidelines, you can say what colors you would like and how you generally imagine it.
    4. If you ever make money of that project, be so kind to ask me for a price and I’ll sell it to you.
    5. You can expect an answer to your email, where I will confirm/deny your order.
  • My email address is office@bloo.design
    Or – you can use the form near this page footer.
  • I honestly don’t know. It’s a stretch between few days and even few months. But, If I tell you I’ll do it – I’ll do it.
    Please, take this into consideration:
    1. I received a really large number of requests. It will take a lot of time to manage them all.
    2. I have my firm and I try to work my regular job as good as I can – that takes more than regular 8 hours a day. Entrepreneurship is not easy and it’s time-consuming.
    3. I have a private life outside of design. My girlfriend is love of my life, and time I value most is time I spend with her – everything else is secondary, even my passion for design. I have many dear friends too. I have hobbies (listing 9gag posts is my favorite one). So, your free logo request is behind all of these on my priority list.
    4. Logo design is not just drawing. Drawing is the easiest part of design process. That process starts with theme research, followed by design research. After that comes brainstorming. After that – idea selection. After that – making variations, discarding less good ones, until there’s only one final design concept left. After that – choosing right font. Then, final fixings. In the end – export preparations and exporting files. This process takes a lot of time. Please, recognize and respect the effort.
  • No. We must be perfectly clear here. Logo is yours to use for project you said you would, and nothing else. You can’t use it for any other purposes. You can’t sell it to a third party. You can’t use it for non-legal or non-moral purposes. You can’t make any kind of money based on logo usage. In case you deceive me in any way, I’m taking logo back to use it as I want. If you want to make money with logo I made, contact me and I can sell it to you. Don’t be a scumbag, and there can be no problems.
    Also important – If your project ceases to exist or becomes vastly neglected, please notify me and from that moment I reclaim full ownership rights. If you don’t notify me and I see for myself your project doesn’t exist anymore or it became vastly neglected, from that moment I reclaim full ownership rights.
    Please understand – It’s not fair to ask someone to give you his time, effort, skill, good will, etc. and throw that away afterwords. If you do that, I’m taking my logo back.
    1. Credits – publicly acknowledge BLOO Design Studios as a participant in the production of logo/your project.
    2. Recommendation – If someone you know needs graphic design services, recommend me / give him my contact info.
    3. 9gag post – Show fellow 9gaggers what you’ve got and tag me in the comments section of your post (Mike_BLOO)
    4. Like my Facebook Page and share it with your friends. Share your logo on Facebook and tell people where you’ve got it from.
    5. Share your logo on other Social Media.
    6. Donate – Yes, logo is free, but it’s not forbidden to donate. If you don’t have money to donate, don’t feel bad, I do not expect or ask for your donation. If you can + want, there’s donate button a little down under on this page.
    7. Make short video – few seconds long, saying “I’m ______ from ________ and I like BLOO Design Studios”, while holding a light bulb. Yeah, it sounds a little foolish, but it would help me so much to make great advertisement video with you in it. I can’t express how cool that would be! 🙂
    You can do all 7 things I listed, but you are not obligated to do even 1 of them. It’s totally up to you how will you return favor, or will you do it at all.
  • This is something I hear a lot, so I feel need to respond.
    “If you are good at something, you should never do it for free” – Ok Joker, I hear you, and I agree to some degree. I will never make a free design “for recognition” or “for exposure”. That’s BS crap excuse used by bad people who are trying to screw some beginner sucker.
    But here, recognition and exposure are not my motivators – it’s not something I reject, but my motivation is elsewhere. I want to help 9gaggers, people I share some fun, time and values with. Design is what I’m good at. If I was good at swimming (I am not), I would offer free swimming lessons. You get the idea.
    Yes, I understand that I am “degrading our profession” by some people opinion. On the other side, I’m helping people I never met, we are sharing good vibes all around, and that’s what I value more at this moment. Design profession will survive my disrespect, I’m sure.
    This is general issue for all of us – What do we value more?
  • Yeah, just scroll down a little bit more, and you’ll find some logos I made for 9gaggers + download button for my latest portfolio.
  • If this is the case, please scroll down a little bit more, BUY LOGO section is down under DONATION section.



Many 9gaggers asked me if and how you can donate. Well, now you can, right here. I want to be clear – I am not asking you for money, I am not expecting you to donate. It’s your decision, completely up to you. To all of you who do donate and to all of you who would like to donate but can’t (for any reason) – THANK YOU!





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